REVIEW: Sharpen your teeth on ‘God Less America’

GodLessAmerica-ebook A hard-nosed journalist who is intellectual, but not an elitist, Fox News & Commentary radio host and author Todd Starnes is a sweet-tea drinking Southerner who has made it his business to seek justice for those who still believe in the red, white and blue.

In God Less America Starnes delivers reality with satire so that we are able to digest more easily the truly sad nature of what happens when freedom is taken for granted and a generation neglects its duty.

Like sweet nuggets just inside green husks of corn-on-the-cob, Starnes’ stories are ready to be shucked. Readers will want to sharpen their teeth and keep coming back for more.

Fortunately, like all great satirists before him, Starnes leaves readers with hope. But without an acknowledgement of a problem–there can be no hope. If you need any convincing that there is an aggressive culture war on religious liberties, or even conservative values, read the book and get started on a path towards action. Don’t wait.

Finally, don’t be fooled. Starnes is nobody’s fool. Sure, there’s a lot of talk about sweet tea and Cracker Barrel rocking chairs, Duck Dynasty and fried chicken. But this stuff matters for those of us who care about free speech, the right to worship, property rights, and more. Order it today!


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