The day after doing the unthinkable

jbhphotoYesterday I did the unthinkable–I walked away from a job I really loved.

Yes, in today’s dismal job market, as a woman over 50 with a job making over $50K annually, I turned over the keys to the company car, turned in my company credit card, handed over the company phone, digital recorder and lap top (which I promptly bought), and signed off as an administrator on Facebook and Twitter.

Months ago I came to the conclusion that God was in this decision and it would be a good thing.

I still cry. Real tears. I am still passionate about that which I did. I loved to hear Florida Baptists tell their stories. I loved to orchestrate what each issue of the 130 year old publication would look like—how it could also appear online or in social media. I took pleasure in the pursuit of truth when it came to reporting public policy issues. I desired to give God glory in reporting about His Kingdom on earth.

This transition is not going to be easy for many reasons, but God is in control.

I think about what I would have told my children had they wanted to give up a “good job.” Would I ever encourage them to give notice, walk away, leave the keys on the counter, pick up their last check, cash in their unused vacation?

And then I rest in the thought, that yes, I have done just that. I have always urged them to think through their priorities, to never be so dependent on a job that they couldn’t give it up and start over. I taught them to work hard and trust God for the next step. I taught them that no one is irreplaceable and to work as unto the Lord and to guard their hearts.

My hope is in the Lord, He knows the desire of my heart is to serve Him. He knows that in my vanity I want to feel needed and desired, but that truly He needs me to trust Him.

Yesterday I had a job; today I am learning all over again to trust God—for every little thing.



  1. prayers for God’s great providence to be clearly present. (I did the same thing Sunday)
    peace- mark t holland

  2. Knowing that God has got amazing plans for you Joni as I have seen him from up-close and from far-away use you continuously to bring glory to HIs kingdom. I have been/currently am in a similar situation, being blessed everyday as I get to experience His mercies that are new every morning. He truly does supply all my needs and allows me to see others through His eyes that I may understand not only my desperate need for Him but theirs also which motivates me to share His love. God bless you!

    • Kris, you have been an inspiration to me. A student who teaches the teacher :–) God will find a way, He is finding a way. Thank you for seeking me out at the various junctures of our lives as we all seek to serve Him. Love you and Cara and am so proud of you! Keep in touch.

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