10 Confessions of a Mom

In advance of Mother’s Day, I said on Twitter I would post 10 “significant confessons” that would make young moms feel better. According to a few moms on Facebook, they helped. Here they are together.

#1 I cleaned my children’s bedrooms for them until they were in middle school. I’m much too impatient to have taught them. BAD me. (My daughter openly disputes this fact, however. She admits I may have helped, but that she cleaned her own room well before middle school 🙂 ).

Siblings, mostly rivals, but sometimes loving.
Siblings, mostly rivals, but sometimes loving.

#2 My children ate candy, cookies, and donuts. And they drank whole milk. (My daughter reminded me I absolutely was a monster and forbade them from drinking Kool-Aid).

#3 I didn’t start regularly making my bed until about 13 years ago. That was nearly 20 year after I got married.

#4 My quiet time is not always quiet. Sometimes I share heart-wrenching sobs with God. I gripe, He comforts.

#5 I am not very happy when others indicate how I should express my grief for my Mother. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200643959794406&set=a.1577738716368.75568.1022619344&type=1&theater

#6 I don’t cook from scratch for the most part. I use a lot of packages, cans and containers. #piecruststicks

#7 Married at 19 and a mom at 20, I have never wanted to go back. Nor have I ever wished my children gone.

#9 The sheets didn’t get changed every week, nor did the floors get mopped or carpets vacuumed. Yet, we live.

#10 I was a stern disciplinarian, but I have a big, soft heart & would do almost anything for my children.

And here’s a bonus:

#11 To me there is more of a struggle in being a mom to adult children and in being a grandparent and in developing healthy family ties with extended, blended families than there was in raising my nuclear family. I believe the church has been way behind in this area and has only begun to respond. With stay-at-home and working moms and grandmas, families living away from each other, broken and blended families and families that come from a variety of cultural and religious viewpoints, we still have much to learn. There are still way too many “mother-in-law” and “daughter-in-law” jokes out there–even in the church–that are not helpful. I confess I believe we have a long way to go.

Let’s keep the discussion going and work to encourage each other, build each other up and to bring Glory to God ladies.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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