Granddaughter’s birthday surprise reminder of mother

Showing Madelyn the doll we gave her for her first birthday.

Moments like this really grab me. My daughter in law, Melissa offered to let me help Madelyn with her “special” birthday presents. So, together, we opened the blue-eyed, red-headed doll with an identical dress to the one we also gave her for her first birthday.

After Maddy explored the dolly and grabbed her hands, touched her face, and basically fell in love with her — of course she utterly rejected the dress and wanted the doll back.

So I gathered Maddy and the doll to let them visit a little before we ended the evening’s festivities — which also pretty much signaled the end to our wonderful time together this summer.

Later, in going through the pictures, I realized Melissa caught my mother’s image in the background. When I pointed this out, she was as surprised as me and said she didn’t do it intentionally. So there we were in the photo. Madelyn, her grandma and her great grandma. And we all love dolls!

My mother was the original doll collector. She collected dolls from all time periods and in all forms–a reflection of her eclectic personality.

Tonight I was reading through my Tweets one last time before going to bed and caught John McArthur’s Tweets about his dear mom. On his blog, he said she lived “a full and rich life.” I should say the same about my mom, but that’s difficult in some ways. She was just 66 when she died unexpectedly nearly eight years ago from a blood clot to her lung. Only this past year did I hear my pastor say something that made sense about death. I know she is in a better place and because I believe God is sovereign, I do believe it was her time. But it’s still painful and I miss her terribly.

Especially at times like this.

But I’m also incredibly thankful for the reminders of her love and the things she loved. In so many ways she did live a rich and full life! She shined with the radiance of Jesus’ love.

And she loved her children, her grandchildren and her family.

God is good. All the time.

Maddy and her new doll pose.

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