Getting started

My mentor in writing Marti Hefley used to tell me that writing every day is the best way to develop as a writer.  She would laughingly describe scribbling on napkins in restaurants, jotting things down in the margins of a Playbill, or using her own special brand of shorthand to keep precise Post-It notes during dramatic performances.

Twittering my way to the airport the other day, I wondered if the words expressed on Facebook and in email, through text messaging, and posted in comments on blogs — count.

Surely, Marti’s advice boils down to disciplining oneself to create a record of thought.

Often I am asked why I don’t write first person pieces anymore. I guess it has been a long while. Too often I am not proactive enough to “plan” to write one and in the economy of time and space, our pages fill quickly. More often, I think, I am simply too busy to stop and focus on anything but the most pressing “story” or task which needs to be accomplished.

Two weeks ago, I wanted to write a note about the highlights during the Evangelical Press Association Conference. A few times I formulated some “notes” in my head, but then failed to write them down as I moved on to other tasks.

This past week, each day as I reflected on things people said, articles I read, and truths God revealed to me in my quiet time — again, I longed to be a scribe.

Perhaps in the days and weeks to come, I will discover a pace and amidst the fair amount of writing and editing I do for work — I will find my voice anew.


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